Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ISRI and IAER Merger

The merger between the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (Washington) (ISRI) and the International Association of Electronics Recyclers (Albany, New York) (IAER) was finally announced.

Following lengthy negotiations, and still subject to various agreements and New York state governmental approvals, ISRI is now expected to fully integrate IAER's members into its new Electronics Recycling Division in the coming weeks. "I am very excited that ISRI and IAER are finally coming together to create a single, unified voice for the entire recycling industry and specifically for electronics recycling," Robin Wiener, President of ISRI told E-Scrap News. "Through the combination of ISRI and IAER, we can provide even richer, more valuable programming and service for our members."


Source: E-Scrap News 9/30/2008

CIWMB Planned Rate Drop Enacted

The second phase of a two-part reduction in the rate paid for covered electronic waste in California went into effect September 16th, bringing the rate down to 39 cents from 43 cents per pound. The previous rate reduction — from 48 cents per pound to 43 cents per pound — took place on July 1st, along with a reduction in the stand-alone recovery payment rate, which was set at 16 cents per pound. The California Integrated Waste Management Board (Sacramento) lowered the rates paid for covered electronics following a review process that revealed a projected fiscal collapse of the system, had the program continued without a rate adjustment.


Source: E-Scrap News 9/24/2008

Raident Technology, Inc. Establishes Scholarships at Academy of Art University San Francisco

Two students honored as first recipients of Raident Technology Fine Arts Scholarships.

San Francisco, CA, September 10, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Raident Technology, Inc. has awarded two Academy of Arts students the Fine Arts Scholarships. Lindsey K. Eisentraut and Mike E. Feeney, Master students in the department of sculpture, will spend the next year creating art out of Electronic eWaste. The awarded scholarships will offset the tuition costs and art supplies.
Charlene Módena, the Graduate Director, School of Fine Art Sculpture, commented: “I want to give my deepest thanks to Raident Technology for extending this amazing and generous opportunity to Graduate Sculpture students at the Academy of Art University. By examining and embracing the process of transforming and reconstructing eWaste, these two students will bring their personal vision to the creation of unique, contemporary sculpture works.”

Raident Technology, Inc., a leader in the field of asset recovery and Electronics eWaste recycling solutions, decided to implement another way of recycling – making art out of used working and nonworking electronics and electronic components. By creating art of out scrap materials, Raident Technology wishes to support Bay Area artists, as well as draw more attention to the arising pollution problems and encourage individuals and companies to reuse and recycle more than ever before.

To receive the Fine Arts Scholarships, the students had to present their art-work and come up with a project plan. The project plan had to include ideas and descriptions of the future pieces. All of their artistic creations will be made out of 75% recycled eWaste materials. As Charlene Módena said: “Lindsey Eisentraut and Mike Feeney will be dismantling eWaste, facing new technical challenges, and confronting unexpected artistic avenues. They will be expanding beyond the arena of “usual” and into one of discovery.”

Albert Lozano, President, CEO and co-founder of Raident Technology, Inc., who has spent his entire career in the electronics recovery industry, commented: “We reviewed a number of candidates, but Mike and Lindsey stood out with their interesting and creative art pieces as well as with their proposals of what they could craft out of our Electronic eWaste materials. Raident is proud to be associated with the Academy of Arts University and intend to establish an ongoing relationship between our two progressive thinking organizations.”

Within the next year Lindsey and Mike will be using recycled eWaste materials, like hard drives, PC boards, monitors, computers, heat sinks, and other electronics and electronic components to create sculptural display pieces and fine jewelry. Both Mike and Lindsey will be working individually, as well at together whose art will impress the human mind.

About Academy of Art University, San FranciscoWith nearly 12,000 students, Academy of Art University is the nation’s largest private art and design university. Established in 1929, the school offers accredited AA, BFA, M.Arch and MFA programs, as well as continuing art education with classes in copywriting, fashion merchandising, interior design, new media, computer animation, sculpture, graphic design, cinematography, industrial design, digital photography and car design. Students can also enroll in a flexible online degree program in art and design.

About Raident Technology, Inc.From its corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley, Raident Technology was founded to deliver value-added asset management, asset recovery and electronic eWaste recycling solutions. Raident is on a fast-track growth strategy to expand its processing capacity, by both organic means and acquisitions, and to establish a leading position in the global market. It is a member of key industry groups and committed to protecting the environment while providing high-quality, customer specific services. In a fragmented market crowded with small, unsophisticated operations, Raident remains a trusted and respected resource.


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