Thursday, March 5, 2009

Raident Technology Introduces New Mobile Electronics Shredding System

Fremont, CA, February 28, 2009 --( Many companies today are very concerned with information security. They are facing issues of unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or disruption of private information. The only way to protect information is to securely destroy the data.

Account Manager Aisha Wahab stated that “Raident Technology has invested into technology to protect each client’s proprietary information. Per clients’ request it can implement 100% secure destruction of material that contains important data.” Wahab continued to explain that this is a beneficial service that Raident can provide to each client.

With an economic down-turn due to higher unemployment there is more criminal enterprise. Raident doesn’t want its clients to lose consumer confidence and/or sales, damage their reputation and have civil lawsuits and fines. Hard drives, tape drives, cassettes, CDs and other sources of information are the number one sources of information that should be destroyed to prevent unauthorized use of private information. Victor Diaz stated that “with a larger mobile shredder in addition to those that we already have, we are able to destroy whole computers and other material in the most secure way possible.”

Protecting Raident’s customers from leaks of secure information, Raident Technology has bought a mid-size mobile shredder. The shredder is big enough to destroy all electronic components (i.e. hard drives, boards, CPUs, etc.), tape drives, modems, cassettes, CDs, documents and more. For even more security Raident is able to do it on the clients’ sites so they could see items being shredded for themselves.

About Raident Technology, Inc.:
From its corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley, Raident Technology was founded to deliver value-added asset management, asset recovery, and electronic e-Waste recycling solutions. Raident is on a fast-track growth strategy to expand its processing capacity, by both organic means and acquisitions, and to establish a leading position in the global market. It is a member of key industry groups and is committed to protecting the environment while providing high-quality, customer-specific services. In a fragmented market crowded with small, unsophisticated operations, Raident remains a trusted and respected resource.

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