Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Raident Technology, Inc. Passed ISO 9001 & 14001 Certification Audit

Since passing ISO Quality and Environmental standards, Raident has improved its quality of operations.

Fremont, CA, May 01, 2009 --( Raident Technology, Inc. has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification audit in April of 2009 through ABS Quality Evaluations. Raident will now only be using the ISO standard in managing its Quality (QMS) and Environmental (EMS) systems/operations.

Passing the ISO 9001, Raident Technology was able to improve the quality of its operations by making all external and internal processes more transparent. All the quality related documentation such as procedures, forms, work instructions, and other documents are approved prior to their use.

Raident’s ISO Manager, Natalia Kleschevnikova, feels that “Raident Technology is moving in the correct direction. Raident will be able to achieve all its business goals and targets through excellent customer service and continuous improvement in QMS and EMS. Raident will always promote employee training to make sure they’re qualified to do their jobs.”

ISO 14001 improved Raident’s Environmental operations. Environmental objectives and targets were set to track continuous improvement. Special environmental procedures were also developed and integrated into Raident’s operations to make it more applicable to the asset recovery industry, Raident’s clients, and future prospects. EMS will also help control environmental impact and track environmental performance.

President and CEO of Raident Technology, Albert Lozano, acknowledged, “the hard work everyone at Raident has put in to pass ISO certification. It really shows everyone’s dedication at Raident” and continued to say that “Raident is thankful to all its employees, management, and auditors that ISO audits went well.”

About Raident Technology, Inc.
From its corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley, Raident Technology was founded to deliver value-added asset management, asset recovery and electronic eWaste recycling solutions. Raident is on a fast-track growth strategy to expand its processing capacity, by both organic means and acquisitions, and to establish a leading position in the global market. It is a member of key industry groups and committed to protecting the environment while providing high-quality, customer specific services. In a fragmented market crowded with small, unsophisticated operations, Raident remains a trusted and respected resource.

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