Monday, July 13, 2009

Secure Data Eradication

Many companies share the goal of going “green”. However, there is hesitation to actively pursue this goal due to concern for their intellectual property being accessed or distributed around the world. A recent article in PC World magazine stated that IT managers were "twice as concerned about data security as they are about being green" since any neglect in data security could potentially cost a company millions of dollars in damages.

Raident Technology has acknowledged such fears when developing the service of data security. The company not only provides data eradication of hard drives but also provides complete destruction of proprietary materials such as: hard drives, memory and motherboards.

Account Manager Aisha Wahab stated that “Raident’s solution of destruction is the most secure way to provide data security due to our secure facility and the ability to go on site for the customer’s benefit since the material does not have to leave the property while being destroyed”. She goes on to say that “all the material that Raident receives is recycled and destroyed with the most stringent environmental standards in mind”.

The company’s state of the art data eradication lab provides the added benefit of the possible reuse of the hard drives after the data has been removed. Wahab mentions that “the lab incorporates advanced technology which allows clients to see the movement of their assets from pick up to final disposal.” Raident has understood and addressed this common concern to ensure that IT managers are able to contribute to society as a “green” company without any fears.

Source: PC, March 29, 2009