Monday, October 13, 2008

EPA Rules For Everyone to Recycle Hazardous Secondary Materials Instead of Disposing of Them as Waste

Oct. 10 -- U.S. EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson signed a final rule Oct. 7 that will encourage businesses to recycle hazardous secondary materials instead of disposing of them as waste.

The new rule streamlines the regulation of these materials, mostly certain manufacturing byproducts and residues, and excludes them from hazardous waste regulations while limiting the eligibility to materials that are legitimately recycled, according to the EPA.

Numerous safeguards are being put in place, and the exclusion will not apply to materials that sent for disposal or burned for energy, according to the EPA.

Regardless, the Solid Waste Association of North America is warning its members operating landfills to carefully screen incoming waste to be certain no hazardous materials slip into the waste stream because of the rule change.

Details about the rule change are available online at


Source:, Oct. 10